Cynthia Henaff

Frond-end developer, nurse and maker

Hello everyone, my name is Cynthia Henaff.

I'm a front-end developer since 2018 based in Bordeaux. I am also a maker passionate about IoT.
Indeed, I love to create things with my hands and I don't hold still, I love to discover, try and learn new things. DIY is my religion 🙏

I started out as a nurse, but I stumbled upon the world of technology in 2017. It was from this moment that I fell in love with development.

After 1 year of discovering, self-training and developing side projects like Cryptoshark and others, I decided to make it my job. My technical stack is based on JavaScript with React and NodeJS.

Currently, I'm lead front-end team at Tymate.

You can follow me here: