Feb 14, 20202 min read

How being a crypto-currencies addict led me to develop my own bot


I got interested in crypto-currencies in 2018 and bought Ethereum and Ripple to get started.

The world of crypto-currencies is a world that moves very fast and very impressively. Sometimes within an hour the exchange rate of a currency can be completely reversed.

From my first investment, I became obsessed with this one. I wanted to see if I was earning or losing money and especially I wanted to see which currencies were going up. I needed a platform that would gather information and values of the currencies, and that would keep me informed every hour of the important variations of the currencies.

So I had fun creating CryptoShark and creating a channel where it publishes the course of crypto-currencies hourly.

CryptoShark is a bot available on Telegram.

It allows you to get the values of any crypto-currency in real-time in US dollar and Euro. All the data is fetched on Coin Market Cap, the world's most trusted source for crypto market.

Cryptoshark Logo

You can ask the bot for any currency by sending a command (starting by `/`) with the name (or symbol) of the cryptocurrency you are interested in.

For example, for the Bitcoin you can send /BTC or /bitcoin, for the Cardano /ADA or /cardano.

Here are the other commands available:

/top10 – Query the market for the top 10 crypto-currencies by market capitalization

/best1h – Top 5 performing currencies in the last hour

/best24h – Top 5 performing currencies in the last 24h

/best7d – Top 5 performing currencies in the last week

/worst1h – Least 5 performing currencies in the last hour

/worst24h – Least 5 performing currencies in the last 24h

/worst7d – Least 5 performing currencies in the last week

Start bot
Top ten
Bitcoin value

For the crypto-currencies addicts, CryptoShark publishes every hour on a channel the values of the top 5 crypto-currencies and the 5 best performing currencies on the last hour.

Curious? To try it, it's this way ➡️ t.me/cryptoshark_channel

Cryposhark channel
Cryptoshark channel

CryptoShark is now available on Product Hunt, if you wish to support and encourage me in new projects you can upvote for it here https://www.producthunt.com/posts/cryptoshark